Thank you for making the 2014 campaign a success!
Starting January 1, 2015, soldiers will no longer be able to rank up with Pink Army missions until the 2015 campaign begins.
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Our Mission

As the second most common form of cancer found in women, breast cancer is a formidable enemy, but it is one that can be beat. We're enlisting an army of individuals to help us create greater awareness about the life-saving benefits of annual mammograms and early detection, all while having a great time with people we love.

Upon enlisting in the Pink Army, you'll receive your own army ID and dog tags. You'll have the opportunity to move up the ranks by completing missions, such as enlisting additional soldiers, attending and hosting Pink Parties. As you complete missions and move your way up, you'll be rewarded with a variety of Pink Army-themed prizes.

You'll have all the support you need with our unified front of hospitals, cancer centers and diagnostic partners. This same network that provides state-of-the-art detection and oncology services will supply you with resources and rewards for being a part of the cause.

Because you are on the front line of awareness and education for your friends, family, and co-workers, your voice is our greatest weapon in this battle. Annual mammograms and early detection are helping us gain ground on breast cancer, and Florida Hospital is making it easier for the women of our community to access the most advanced imaging and treatment services available.

Florida Hospital offers:

  • Board certified physicians and skilled clinicians, specially trained in breast cancer detection and treatment.
  • The latest detection technology, including digital mammography, MRI, and PET.
  • Breast Care Navigators to expedite your treatment and recovery.
  • Advanced, highly-effective surgical, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment options.
  • A network of support groups, counseling, educational classes, and patient care resources.
  • Financial assistance for those in need of screening and treatment services, but cannot afford them.

We encourage you to enlist as a soldier in the Pink Army. Join our diverse and committed army of soldiers--current patients and courageous survivors, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, and family members and friends. Though we all may come from different walks of life, we are all united in the fight.

Pink Army Missions


Complete the enlistment form on the Pink Army website, via a Pink Party recruiter, or by signing up in person at a Florida Hospital Pink Army event. Click here to get started!

Attend A Pink Army Event

Be an asset and help our troops gain ground in the fight against breast cancer! Attend events that help spread the Pink Army message. Don’t forget to ask a Pink Army Team member for an event code to get credit for attending. To view upcoming events, click here.

Schedule A Mammogram

Wage war against breast cancer and take your first step toward early detection and prevention! To schedule your annual mammogram, click here.

Coordinate A Pink Party

Submit your request to coordinate a pink party through your soldier dashboard. Once your party is approved, you'll receive your marching orders, which includes Pink Party packages and breast health information for all your guests. Make sure your address is correct in your profile for accurate shipping.

Recruit 10 Friends

Invite friends and family to join the fight against breast cancer. Additional rewards are available for soldiers that recruit 50 or 100+ friends. Your recruits will need your soldier ID when they enlist, so that you are given proper credit. You can also recruit soldiers through the automated email system via your soldier dashboard.

Share Your Story

Fill out our online form to share your story about how breast cancer has affected your life. Please note that, once submitted, your story may be used by Florida Hospital for marketing and/or educational purposes on this website and/or through social media channels. Click Here to Share!

Become A Fundraiser

Create a donation page, personalize it with your photo and story, and share it with friends and family to raise funds for uninsured and underserved women. 100% of the proceeds will benefit breast cancer initiatives in your local community. Click here to get started!

Navigating the Battlefront

A breast cancer diagnosis can leave you shell-shocked. Fortunately, we are on the cutting edge of breast cancer detection, treatment, and care coordination. Find out how we're gaining ground. Learn More

Pink Army Prizes

Participate to Earn Ranks and Rewards!

Rank Reward
Private Dog Tag
Sergeant Travel Earbuds
Captain Lunch Cooler
Major Infusion Water Bottle
Colonel Travel Manicure Set
General $25 Visa® Gift Card
We Can Do It! Declare War On Breast Cancer